Whenever a customer reaches your products or services, you can either win or lose him. Take advantage with our outsources contact center service when you mostly need it. We will invest all of our efforts and, thanks to our experience and professionalism, we will catch every opportunity to fully satisfy your customers! We will take care make the best first impression of you and your business! We will gain the confidence of your customers so they can stay with you for a long time.

callfactory is an active call center, offering wide range of specialized services, related to customer service and communication. The partnership we offer include end-user service, direct phone marketing and sales, information services and collection services, processing and updating of information and databases.



 - phone support for your website clients;
 - accepting and managing phone orders;
 - appointment of meetings and events;
 - customer care;
 - technical support;
 - accepting and managing of requests, applications etc.;
 - managing subscription requests;
 - independent client verification;
 - services and products requests;
 - phone office assistant services;
 - IVR - interactive voice recordings and applications;
 - client's web sites integration;
 - call recordings;
 - ...and much more


 - marketing research;
 - active appointment of business meetings and events;
 - client retention campaigns;
 - reminding of delayed payments etc.;
 - getting old clients familiar with new products and services;
 - notification calls for upcoming events;
 - following calls after sent parcels or documents;
 - integration with the client's website;
 - phone calls recording;
 - ...and many more


 - advertising and marketing SMS campaigns;
 - automated information systems using SMS;
 - games and other one-time campaigns;
 - inbound clients SMSes handling;
 - ...and more


 - call termination for outbound calls to any national and international destination at best rates;
local phone numbers in many countries for inbound calls;
providing of targeted phone numbers databases;
phone numbers lists clearing of invalid records;
 - engineering and creating of own clients call centers;
 - auditing and efficiency improvement for contact centers;
 - automation and upgrade of clients call centres;
 - remote call recording;
 - ...and much more


callfactory uses its own platform to deliver the services it offers. This allows further development and upgrading to meet any standard and non-standard customer needs. We use state-of-the-art equipment as well as our own strategies that give us the highest level of efficiency and competitive advantages.


In order to respond your requirements, please send detailed description of your project to and our specialists will contact you back with details.